76 pp, softcover with flaps
Translated by Barbara Schaefer
ISBN: 978-3-9814953-3-1

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Tecia Werbowski

Hotel Polski

Eva is married and has a harmonious relationship with her husband. They are fond of each other. Her children are healthy and normal. She is working at the university library and enjoys her work. A life perhaps too monotonous and too predictable?

Yes, maybe. Until one day a letter addressed to her late mother heavily disturbes her self-awareness. She learns that her mother had been a Jew and that Joachim Riegel, a German, had saved her from the Nazis in 1943. Eva goes to Warsaw, where her mother and Joachim had met, to meet Joachim's son, Heinrich...

Tecia Werbowski gives the historical ›Hotel Polski Affair‹ a truthful and impressive timeliness.


»Written with a brilliantly succint pen. A successful literary attempt to forget stereotypes.«
Agnieszka Holland
Director of »In Darkness«, nominated for the Oscar 2012


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