205 pp, softcover
ISBN: 978-3-9814953-4-8

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Ida Casaburi

Der Lockruf

The eccentric book restorer Axel Menzel only thinks to be able to love a woman if she is a radiant beauty. But for sure, Billa is not. For him she is almost invisible. Billa decides to leave him, although she still loves him, because she knows, she would never satisfy his claims.

The separation unsettles Axel unexpectedly. Soon afterwards, he receives a lucrative order which leads him to Naples where he hopes for a diversion. But then, a mysterious message in the top of his bed and the self-portrait of a fascinating woman dismiss him completely. Axel follows her call to the most dangerous quarters of Naples and till to a village on the coast of Brittany, obsessed by the idea to find this unknown seductress and the mystery which surrounds her.

And Billa? Her shadow follows him, persistently...

The Seductive Call [Der Lockruf] is an odyssey which raises the question at the end, whether some journeys take only minutes and whether the reality might be an even bigger illusion than the world of dreams.

It is also a tribute to the English author Robert Aickman whose strange stories inspired Ida Casaburi to write this novel.


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