207 pp, softcover
ISBN: 978-3-9814953-5-5

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Uli van Odijk


Ein Kapstadt Roman

Swartland tells the compelling story of Luise de Groot, an art restorer. Luise believes that she and her husband Max have a marriage built on trust, until Max suddenly dies in a car accident, with a stranger sitting beside him. Luise investigates and finds out that Max has met Tosca Farini several times during the past few years. Why has he never mentioned her? Why hasn't he ever told his wife about these meetings? Luise suspects that he has been having a love affair, but she wants proof. Her quest leads her from Germany to South Africa. In Cape Town she finally manages to unravel the threads of a fateful entanglement.

This unique story, intelligently written and with a plot whose twists and turns never fail to astonish, also subtly reflects a panorama of present day South African society.


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